Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wedding in Spring

Have you ever considered a wedding in spring?

Being a Wedding Photographer, I find that most people love nature and its beauty and what can be more fascinating than planning a wedding in spring?

How about an outdoor wedding?

What makes a wedding in spring so very colourful and fragrant is the flowers and plants blooming around. Thus, it is truly a great option to have your reception planned outdoors.

Spring symbolizes the rebirth of plants and warmth and people wait for the sun, fun and frolic to plan their very special day.

A fairy tale wedding

For wedding photography, artificial flowers look good but not as good as the natural ones with their freshness and enchanting fragrance. These natural flowers can make the bride, the groom and the guests feel very special.

If you are romantic at heart the bride can always have a lovely bridal gown enhanced with pretty flowers and can also tuck some in her hair giving her a more exotic look. Flowers can make the wedding look more like a fairy tale wedding than an ordinary wedding.

Appreciating the most important day of your life

If your reception is lit up with cherry blossom candles, with some smart lighting, the ambience would be electrifying and very romantic. Potted bulbs as centrepieces on the reception tables can give people a breath of fresh air.

Lilacs, pansies, freesias, daffodils and tulips add colour and fragrance all around to make one feel elated. Small trees and bouquets around the tables planted in delicately decorated pots can be given to the guests as an appreciation for spending time with you on your most important day in life.

A wedding to remember for all your life

Using colors and flowers during a spring wedding can also be more economical and within your budget.Decorate your wedding with wonderful spring motifs and you will surely have a wedding to remember.

What could be more appropriate than two people bonding together to start a new leaf in their life than with a wedding in spring?

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